45/70 Government 300gr. Hornady JHP (Goldilocks Load) 500 Rds


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45/70 Government 300gr. Hornady JHP (Goldilocks Load)

The 45/70 Government 300gr. Hornady JHP (Goldilocks Load) 500 Rds has a muzzle velocity of approx. 1850 fps, and a muzzle energy of approx. 2,200 ft.-lbs. This round is particularly suited for big game hunting, as it has a wide range of capabilities.

That sounds like an extensive ammunition load for your firearm! Are you looking for any specific type of application with this load?

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Compared to our high-powered load, impact velocities between 0 and 70 yards will produce a more controlled bullet expansion with more significant weight retention and potentially minor flesh damage. The speed of the 18″ barrel is 1,830 feet per second.

price of 45/70 Government 300gr. Hornady JHP (Goldilocks Load) 500 Rds

Thank you for asking! The price of 500 rounds of 45/70 Government 300gr. Hornady JHP (Goldilocks Load) is constantly changing due to the nature and availability of the ammo, but we at Dowagiac armory make sure we provide you with the best and cheapest prices.

Safe in all strong actions including modern lever guns, modern Sharps, High Walls, and single shots.


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buy 45-70 ammo 500 rounds at Dowagiac armory

You can find 500 rounds of .45-70 ammo from various manufactures, such as Winchester, Hornady, and Garrett’s. Winchester offers Super-X Rifle .45-70 Government 300 grain Jacketed Hollow Point Brass Cased 500 Rounds, Hornady offers LEVERevolution .45-70 Government 325 Grain Flex Tip 500 Rounds, and Garrett’s offers 45-70 Springfield Ammo and 45-70 plus p Hammerhead Ammo [4], both with 500-gr Hornady Copper Clad Steel Jacketed Flatnose Solid at 1550-fps.

The 45-70 ammo 500 rounds at Dowagiac Armory is an excellent choice for any shooter looking to stock up on ammunition. Not only does it offer superior performance, but its affordability and availability make it a great option for anyone looking to buy in bulk. Here are three reasons why you should consider buying the 45-70 ammo 500 rounds from Dowagiac Armory:

First, the 45-70 round offers superior accuracy and power when compared with other types of ammunition. It has been used by hunters and target shooters alike due to its reliable performance in both long range shooting as well as close quarters combat scenarios. This makes it an ideal choice for those who want powerful stopping power without sacrificing precision or accuracy.

Second, purchasing this type of ammo from Dowagiac Armory can save you money over time since they offer competitive prices that often beat out their competitors’. Furthermore, if you purchase your ammunition in bulk like this package deal of 500 rounds then you will get even better discounts that can help stretch your dollar further while still getting quality products delivered right to your door step!

Finally, buying these cartridges directly from the manufacturer ensures that they have been tested thoroughly before being shipped off so there is no need worry about potential defects or malfunctions during use which could lead to dangerous situations downrange! So if safety is one of your top priorities when selecting what type of firearm accessories then look no further than Dowagiac Armories’ selection – especially their offering on the .45/ 70 caliber cartridge!

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