Home Defense Tactics

There are Five Fundamental Home Defense Tactics you should think about when you are planning your response to an imminent home invasion or other physical threat.

Remember that these tactics revolve around protecting yourself or those you care about inside of your house or apartment, not protecting your belongings or the home itself.

Home Defense Tactics
  1. Evade

Evasion is defined as “put yourself in a position where the threat cannot hurt you.” You can do this by positioning yourself away from where the threat is trying to make entry or leaving the room where they are. In some cases, you might even leave your home to avoid a physical confrontation.

  1. Barricade

Barricading is placing yourself in a position that makes it harder for the threat to get into a position to hurt you. This could mean getting behind a locked reinforced door, pushing furniture up against a standard interior door, or simply hiding somewhere in your home.

  1. Arm

Ultimately, you may need to use force to defend yourself; “arming” means to prepare to use any tool that can increase your ability to disable the threat. Ultimately, a defensive firearm may be the best tool you can have responsibly staged for home defense.

  1. Communicate

In an emergency, you may need to communicate with your family members, you should contact the police as soon as possible and you might even let an intruder know that you are armed and will defend yourself if they continue to pose a threat.

  1. FIGHT

A use of force against a threat may become necessary. During a fight, you want to disable your attacked as efficiently as possible. Training ahead of time to use a defensive firearm, other tool or unarmed defensive techniques is highly recommended.

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